What Are Standing Desk Chairs?

For the past few months, people have been talking about standing desk chairs, and asked my thoughts on the furniture piece or office furniture.

The whole concept of standing desk chairs started a few years ago when people were looking for ways to be more productive and get more work done. While it can be helpful for some people, there are a few things things to keep in mind.

Health Benefits

Yes there are plenty of health benefits with standing desk chairs as they provide you the opportunity to get some exercise in while you are working. Compared with a few hundred years ago, humans did not sit all day in an office, so our legs and overall health have definitely deteriorated.

Over 70% of Americans are overweight or obese and it’s a trend that is likely to continue, so for health reasons buying a standing desk chair might help with some people improving their health.

You should read the best chairs for standing desk, and choose which one fits your needs the best. There are variety of selections.

Improving Productivity

We are wasteful by nature, so when we are comfortable we tend to procrastinate and waste precious time scrolling through facebook and watching videos, playing video games etc. When you are standing, after an hour or two, it can get tiring, so when you have a standing desk chair, your focus is on work and getting what it is you need to get done done.

People have mentioned that their productivity has improved and that they are able to focus better on their work.

Why You Should Get One?

It’s not for everyone, so here are some things you should consider.

If you are obese and weigh a lot, then standing desk chairs might not be the right chair for starters. Their weight capacity is on the lower side and obese individuals should focus more on diet and improving their overall health before trying chairs for standing desks.

If however, you are relatively within the normal weight range, then it can be perfect for you. We’ve gotten so used to sitting for prolonged periods, that our leg muscles and blood flow have decreased significantly over time. With a standing desk chair, it’s a good way to get started with a healthy habit and routine to not only improve your work output but also for your health’s sake.

There are wide variety and selections to choose from. From swivel ones, to wobbly ones, to lumbar supported ones, the price varies from a hundred dollars to 600 or so hundred dollars. You can even get a standing chair that gives you a massage, so whatever budget that you are able to afford, it’s worth a shot and something to try out.

People who are serious about work output and productivity, this is something you should definitely consider, and I myself might just get one.